Body Re-Engineering Body Transformation System

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While I am not sure of what shape you are in, I GUARANTEE YOU that I have been in your shoes. Whether you are overweight or incredibly skinny and underweight, I know how you feel. And if you are the type that wants to change the way you look, has all the determination in the world, but lacks the knowledge on how to go about it, again, I tell you: "I've been there, done that."

If this is you, I have news for you. You can change the way you look to whatever you want your dream physique to be, whether you are a man or a woman and regardless of age. You can also do this permanently and without any insane diet or workout that will have you be a slave to the scale or the gym. And as a bonus, you will achieve an unprecedented level of confidence and top health as well as incredible strength and endurance that you can use in your daily life. And as if that would not be enough, for those of you over 40, trust me, this system will allow you to turn back the clock.

But first, a little about me and why you should listen to what I have to say...

I grew up overweight (classified as obese weighing as much as 170-lbs at 5 feet tall at only 12 years old) and with high blood pressure/high cholesterol at this age. Tired of having others make fun of my weight and ashamed of myself, one day I decided to lose the weight and get fit. I had no idea how to go about doing this so I simply stopped to eat. After all, everyone used to tell me that I had to stop eating. I figured that if I did this, the end result would be the fit and muscular image that I had in my head. 

So in desperation I stopped eating, and as a result, I lost all my weight but I also lost all my muscle. I was so weak that picking up a 5-lb dumbbell was hard (believe it or not). And picking up my dad's set of 20-lb dumbbells was just out of the question. To top it off, I became anorexic since I started to fear that eating would get me back to where I started.

I was then even more unhappy being a bag of bones with no strength than I was when I was chubby! Now I was constantly fearing that any bite of food would make me fat again and my weakness was reaching critical levels. On top of that, I started to lose my hair.  By then, I was 13 years old and at 5'4", I was weighing less than 90-lbs!

It was not until my concerned parents took me to a nutritionist that told me: “Food will not make you fat; only the abuse of the wrong sorts of food will”, that I kicked the anorexic habit to the curve and started to learn more about nutrition.

Later on, I became interested in bodybuilding as a girl I liked told me that I would look really good if I added a little bit of muscle.

At that point, I asked my mother to get me a Muscle Magazine so that I could learn how to build some muscles. My mom got me a copy of the May 1990 Muscle and Fitness and when I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger I knew that is the look that I wanted to have. Gains came fast and furious at first but then after 5 months I hit my first plateau. That is when I began going to the nutrition store more frequently searching for answers in a supplement bottle. I tried every single product you can imagine!

I also tried every single champion routine and noticed that I would only get marginal results. Frustrated and broke, I decided to stop reading and buying supplements, and instead, concentrate all my efforts into finding the answers myself by using the scientific method. After all, I was a big nerd back in the day so science was my forte. 

Determined to find the answers, I began by creating a routine and a diet, following it for six weeks at a time and carefully writing down the results on a daily basis, weight gained, fat lost, strength gained and so forth.

I repeated this process over and over again, some of my experiments failed miserably (like when I tried a super high volume routine with a 6000 calorie diet and hours of aerobics) but other experiments were extremely successful.

Eventually, after years of documentation, trial and error I cracked the hypertrophy code! I noticed that when I would combine certain training styles in a specific pattern results would come continuously! I also noticed that when it comes to training, more is not necessarily better and spending any more than 1 hour at the gym is a waste of time. Furthermore, while testing my principles on others, I noticed that there are 3 different body types, each with their own unique metabolisms. Thus, the diet has to be modified according to the body type and main goals.

So after years of people asking me about how I accomplished my success and 100 pounds of muscle heavier (with a few bodybuilding titles under my belt, including a 4th place finish at the Mr. USA), I decided to put all of my years of experience in an easy to follow manual that would yield consistent muscle mass gains or fat loss, week after week.

My hope is that you can feed from my knowledge, avoid all the painful and costly mistakes I made, and thus achieve the goals that you have as fast as humanly possible in a SAFE manner.  

The system works no matter who you are or what shape you are in and it is tailored towards your specific metabolism and goals. I named it Body Re-Engineering since you will literally be Re-Engineering the way you look. (And since I hold an Engineering Degree from the University of South Florida, I thought that the title would be fitting...LOL.) 

The Body Re-Engineering System is split up into different sections to show you how to gain muscle mass but also how to strip body fat fast.

This system can be used by ANYONE. Whether you are a woman looking to get in the most toned shape of your life or a guy looking to lose weight while gaining some serious muscle, this system is for you. (Note: Ladies, no worries about getting too muscular as it is impossible to lose your femininity unless you take anabolic steroids.)

Everything you need to know, is completely spelled out for you.

The two key important factors are my special training routine and diet plans.

My periodized training program involves 3 unique stages, including a loading phase, growth phase and active recovery stage.

During that time, I manipulate the 3 unique stages of my workouts that cause the body/muscles to overcompensate (grow) in response to the stress. By the way, your body burns up to 50 extra calories for every pound of muscle gained so this is GREAT NEWS for those of you who are looking to lose weight permanently! Do you know that today I eat between 3000-4000 calories a day, when back in the day, just 1,000 would make me gain fat?!

The way the body overcompensates and grows in result to this training method will astound you, the results never stop, you don't hit plateaus and you grow muscle like crazy. I can guarantee I can add muscle to your frame at a rate you simply wouldn't have believed possible.

The second unique aspect of my program is my diet. Body Re-Engineering is as much about fat loss as it is about muscle gain as I believe a good program has to do both.

I use a very unique dietary system which manipulates calories and carbohydrates on a rotation system, this is one secret which if followed correctly allows you to gain lean solid muscle mass with no additional fat or simply to strip excess body fat fast with no slowdown or tapering off of results as time goes by. With my unique diet cycling system you continue to gain mass or lose fat for as long as you like.  And the results are PERMANENT!

I've developed and tweaked this system over many years. In doing so I created a diet system that will constantly trick your body into releasing body fat and gaining lean muscle tissue 24/7 creating such impressive changes in your physique so quickly, people will notice within a few short weeks.

So now you are wondering...."Ok Hugo, how much will this cost me?"

Here is where you will think that I am either your new best friend or absolutely dumb and insane. (Note: My accountant thinks the latter). 

In my years as a fitness author I have been very successful. In fact, I have sold over 2 million fitness books over the past 20 years and my Facebook Fan Page these days has over a million fans (and it seems to be growing at a rate of 5,000 new fans each week). Thanks to all of those people who believed in me and purchased my books, I have been able to accomplish my dream of making a living doing what I love which is helping men and women from all walks of life reach their dream physiques (whatever these may be). In addition, I've had the honor to travel the world sharing my knowledge (and passion) for fitness as well as meet all of my bodybuilding and fitness idols from when I started training (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Lee Labrada, Shawn Ray, Franco Columbo, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Cory Everson and too many others to mention). 

Back to how much... If you were to hire me to put together 21 weeks worth of workouts, the cost for that would be over $750 and if you wanted me to put the diet together for you, then that comes out to over $1,500.  However, in this system I am giving you about 3 years worth of workouts so you can do the math. But by getting this do it yourself system, you get all of my knowledge for a tiny fraction of the price as I don't want money to be an obstacle. 

Thus, the price for the system is just $47 which is less than what most high quality protein tubs cost these days. All I ask as a favor is that you put the system to good use and that you share this page with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or just email. My goal is to help 20 million people from all over the world in the next 5 years so if you can help me to spread the word, you can get this system for $47. Sounds good?

Here is what you get:  

+My full Body Re-Engineering Manual containing over 3 years (yes you heard that right; not a typo, it's 3 years!) of fully detailed workouts, how to customize your diet plan, supplements, goal setting, motivation, how to turn the system into the most powerful weight loss system or the most radical muscle building system, what supplements really work, and more!

+Quick Start videos where I discuss the full Body Re-Engineering System. (Valued at over $200).

+Goals chart, Monthly Progress chart, and Diet Sample Charts.


You also get as bonuses:

+My Magnificent 7 Abs Routine (Valued at $19.95).

+My 8 Week Special Get Lean Plan: I use this system when I need to get in shape fast for a posing exhibition etc. It contains my full 'get lean quick' diet and training routine. (Valued at $19.95).

+My Add 1" to Your Arms in 6 Weeks Specialization Workout (Valued at $19.95).

+My Body Re-Engineering 2.0 workouts as well!

So now you see why my accountant thinks I lost it, right?

However, as I said, I truly want to help people who really want to change and don't know how. Nothing makes me happier than to get Testimonials from people on how my System has changed their life so I see this as a fair exchange. So you can now get my entire program (and get the video recordings as well) for only $47. That's right.  All I ask is that you help me to spread the word by clicking on the Tweet and Share buttons at the top of this page.

Not conventional by any means, but then again, I pride myself in being an innovator. :) 

So start Body Re-Engineering TODAY and let me know how to progress!!! 

Your "I really want to get this System but can't afford it" excuses are now officially over.

Together, we are going to change things and raise the bar! Just don't blame me when you become the focus of everyone's attention!

I can't wait to work with you. No catch. No "upsell" into something more expensive.

You get my full Body Re-Engineering System (valued at thousands of dollars) plus the additional bonuses for only $47.00, no questions asked.

So order now and start changing your body and your life today!

I want this!

Yes - I'm ready to finally get "over the hump", grow muscle and lose fat FAST.. No More Excuses!


Body Re-Engineering Body Transformation System

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I want this!